Rana Khan Bucket List Traders Founder and Instructor

Rana Khan

CEO and Head Trainer

The founder of Bucket List Trader is Rana Khan, a successful entrepreneur in the world of business and foreign exchange industry. He is a self-made & self-thought businessman who not only has gained his vast knowledge through the experience but also he has had immense educational and practical information in forex trading. Rana Khan is known around the world as an authority on forex signals and has developed hundreds of educational methods to simplify learning forex. Meanwhile, he is supervising and conducting courses in person. He is Bucket List Traders’ Head of Education and is a highly respected FX educator and Certified Technical Analyst.

His passion for educating traders and Forex industry professionals have made him a well-known and trustworthy person in the foreign exchange field, and his tutorials are well received across the world by thousands of attendees on a regular basis.

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